Dear Olimpick Friends,
It is with regret that we have taken the decision to officially cancel the 2020 edition of Robert Dover’s Cotswold Olimpick Games, due to be held on Friday 29th May 2020.

We have not taken the decision lightly, but in light of official government advice it would be reckless to jeopardise our community’s safety by putting extra pressure on the general infrastructure, closing roads and inviting thousands of people into the town – carrying on as normal is not an option.

We expect there to be an official ban on large gatherings anyway and with the games only ten weeks away it makes sense for us to take this action now.

We realise that waiting for an official ban may or may not recoup some of the deposits we have paid to performers etc. but we feel that it would not be in “the Spirit of Dover” to wait for this.  Our finances are in good shape thanks to the hard work of the committee and our fundraising team and the entertainment industry needs our support now more than ever.  As they say, what goes around comes around.

We hope to be able to do something else later in the year – we’re not sure what yet as that depends on the conclusion to the pandemic, but keep watching our website (a brand new one is imminent) and follow us on social media for more information.

Remember, the shields are still on sale at Toke’s Food & Drink so if you’re looking for something to do while stuck indoors – there’s no reason we can’t all be painting shields!

Thank you for your understanding and support and take care of each other.

Kind regards,

Tom Threadgill
Robert Dover’s Games Society