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Want to compete at the games?

If you and your friends are interested in competing at this year’s games, you will need to register on the hill on the 31st May. Ask at the gate on your arrival and you’ll be directed to the registration point.

There are limited spaces so the earlier you arrive, the better. For more information on each event, please carry on reading below then just fill out the form.

See you on the hill!

The Games
Volunteer at the Games


Everyone who helps organise the games is a volunteer.  We always need people to help us out, before and during the event.  The Volunteers Night for the next Games will be announced shortly.

We need help from as many local (and non-local – we’re an inclusive bunch!) people as possible.  The more volunteers that take an active part in putting on The Games, the better the whole weekend will be.

​It may be that you can only help on the night, or you aren’t able to attend many meetings, or vice versa.  It doesn’t matter, there are plenty of jobs, big and small, so if you’re thinking about it or you’d like more info, you can get in touch and we’ll be  delighted to get back to you.​

Many thanks for your enthusiasm!​

Volunteer for the Games
Sponsor the Games

Communicate With Our Local and International Audience

Give or take a few quid, The Games cost about £25,000 each year to stage and we aim to recoup this from the night itself and from donations.  It would great if we could create new revenue streams and we are always looking to do this, be it merchandise, to the supply of services in return for sponsorship, or donning a yellow jacket on the night of the parade – every little bit really does mount up and make the games what it is.  

Are you already involved in a community group?  We’d love to hear from you too! Whether it’s the Scouts, the WI or a history group, taekwondo, church or the local bare-back llama troupe –  there’s room under the Olimpick umbrella for everyone.  

Our website gets over 20,000 visitors a year and our social media profiles are followed by thousands, while the news coverage of the event (particularly the Shin kicking) is local, regional and international. 

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