Robert Dover’s Cotswold Olimpick Games 2020

This year, The Games falls on Friday 29th May, with gates opening at 5pm. There are a few exciting additions this year which we’d like to mention briefly here, but you will be able to find out more about when we officially launch the games in early March.

A New Award to recognise Outstanding Community Contribution

Firstly, the Robert Dover’s Games Society, who organise The Games are delighted to be able to present a brand new award. It has been kindly donated by Campden resident Bill Buckland, in honour of his wife and his mother. Its full title will be “The Agnes and Jill Buckland award for the “Spirit of Dover “. It is a beautiful silver replica of the market Hall, created by Harts.

This award will be presented to an individual or group who has best embodied the Spirit of Dover, according to a panel of judges chosen by the RDGS. If there is someone or a group who you feel has made a contribution to local society which is “above and beyond” in their benefit to the local community, we would love to hear from you. In no more than 500 words, please tell us who you think should receive the award and why. Nominees must be from within a 5 mile radius of the market hall in Chipping Campde. The inaugural winner will be announced at Scuttlebrook Wake.

You can nominate someone in writing c/o Toke’s Food and Drink, High Street, Chipping Campden, GL55 6AG or email us at: Don’t forget to include your contact details.

Let’s Brighten up the town with the One Hundred Shields Competition

We have been working with our friends at Scuttlebrook Wake this year on many joint projects, one of which is a plan to bring some more colour to the town over the weekend of the two events. To do this, we have created the One Hundred Shields Competition. We’ve created 100 shield templates to be decorated in any way you like – as long as it’s weatherproof – and these will be displayed on the hill at the games, and during Scuttlebrook the next day where a winner will be chosen. The main point though, is to have some fun and bring extra colour to this already beautiful town of ours. They are sturdy wooden templates, primed and ready to paint (or whatever you choose).

We will be sharing more details soon on Facebook and our website. Each shield is £5 for individuals and £10 to a group or business (they cost us about £3 for materials and our very own Ray Lloyd makes them in his own time). There is no limit to the number of shields anyone can make, and the theme of your design is totally up to you. The shields can be purchased from Toke’s food and Drink on the High Street from 1st March.

Scuttlebrook Races are Moving

Our friends at Scuttlebrook have decided that the children’s races which have been held for many recent years on the Friday evening, will now move to Scuttlebrook Saturday at 1800. Hopefully this will mean that there is no conflict between any events in which people wish to participate and families are able to enjoy everything which the weekend offers. (We hope someone is planning to do the “Campden Grand Slam” – A Shield entered, visiting the Games and returning with a torch, creating or being on a float and taking part in or cheering on the races!!)

Thanks to everyone who gets involved

There are many people who make this weekend possible – the two organising committees and all of the volunteers who come out to put on the events. I speak for both organising groups when I say we can never have too many volunteers and if you’re interested please get in touch with us at

I believe it’s worth mentioning the actions of Edward Landseer Griggs, local artist and etcher. In 1926 he bought Dover’s Hill at auction and was in debt for several years afterwards. If you have ever walked across the hill and admired the view, it’s Griggs you have to thank.

Last but certainly not least, my personal thanks and those of the RDGS are always extended to the National Trust and John Robbins esq. Without their permission and year-round work in looking after the hill we simply couldn’t hold The Games.

See you on the hill!

Tom Threadgill
RDGS Chairman