I hope you are keeping well, staying safe and managing to retain your sanity as we enter the second year of the pandemic. It has been such a difficult time for everyone and hopefully there are brighter days to come once the vaccine roll-out program has taken effect and the seasons heat up. If we could have March weather like 2020 that would do very nicely.

As you can see by the title of this post, the 2021 edition of Dover’s Games has been cancelled. There have been mixed reactions to this news, but it was a unanimous decision from the Robert Dover’s Games Society. There are a couple of key reasons for this. The first is that even if we were given the go-ahead to put on a games, we would have so little time to organise the events and mobilise volunteers. We also don’t really know what people’s appetite is for an event like this will be, so soon after lockdown. If we were to put on the event and people were still hesitant about coming out and partying (understandably) we would lose money on the gate too. This is our main source of income for what is already a loss-making event.

Given these factors we felt that the only sensible option was to cancel this year’s games, in order to preserve future events. We trust you’ll understand. Please keep in touch with us on social media, or you can sign up to our newsletter on the homepage of the website for more news.

Note: The Scuttlebrook Wake committee will make their own announcement regarding the Wake.

Take care and stay safe.

Tom Threadgill
Chairman, RDGS